Dodge Ram (2002-2005), Headlights Installation Guide

Installation Guide for 02-05 Dodge Ram Headlights

NOTE: Some vehicle require the DRL harness installed for the headlight to function properly.

Do NOT use dielectric or any type of weather sealing grease on connectors or sockets.
Doing so will result in connection problems and will not be covered under warranty. Please click HERE for further explanation.

Table of Contents

Disclaimer: This installation article is a tutorial guide. By reading this article, you agree it is for reference only and AlphaRex USA and its distributors make no guarantee on the finished results. Under no circumstances whatsoever shall AlphaRex USA nor its distributors be liable for any damage, misuse or personal injuries. If you do not fully understand the installation procedure, it is highly recommended that you seek help from professional mechanics to do the installation.


Plastic Panel Popper
1/4 Ratchet
Power Tool

NOTE: When using power tools, always ensure that you do not overtighten the screws.

Phillips Screwdriver
Flat Screwdriver
1/4 Extension

PART I - Remove Headlights

PART II - Install Headlights

End of installation guide

If you have any questions about installation, please reach out to our technical support team for assistance.

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